delegate democracy and capital punishment in canada

Delegate Democracy The issue of capital punishment cannot simply be summed up in a few paragraphs, it is an topic of great debate, over both the issue of deterrence and of conscience. There are few matters which stir such heated debate, there are both abolitionists and retentionists, there are also those in the middle, the people who can discern legitimacy from each group. Each group has a set of beliefs which do apply to this matter, perhaps some groups subscribe to the old testament and its injunction an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth ( The law of Moses, The Old Testament ), or possibly some simply view capital punishment as legalized homicide, whatever the case may be one must put aside personal beliefs and attempt to comprehend the facts and statistics of this issue before coming to a decision. Capital punishment in Canada effectively ended on December 10, 1962 with the double hanging of Arthur Lucas and Ronald Turpin in the Don Jail in Toronto ( Anderson, 78-79 ). After these executions the government began to commute all death sentences to life sentences. Then in 1976 a bill was introduced by the liberal government, abolishing the death penalty which passed by a narrow margin of 130 to 124 ( Chandler, 199). This legislation saw murder divided into either first or second degree homicide, similar to the method our current day legal system uses as a definition. Later in the 1980s the Canadian public began to feel that perhaps once again the death penalty should be a part of the legal system. There were several reasons that the Canadian public felt this way, one such reason was the publics perception that the vote in 1976 was not a true free vote, secondly 1984 saw a dramatic increase in the murder of police officers, which doubled from the previous year. All of these concerns and events culminated into another vote in the House of Commons, this vote took place on June 30, 1987 an…

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