Delphi technique

There are six factors that influence an individual’s identity with a team and how the team fulfills their personal needs. The six factors are Member Similarity, Member Interaction, External Competition/Challenges, Somewhat Difficult Entry, Team Success, and Team Size. Member similarity contributes to team cohesiveness, as people feel more comfortable with their own opinions when others have the same views. People are also more motivated to interact with other team members and find it easier to agree on team objectives when they are in a homogeneous group. This leads to a higher trust among members and less unnecessary conflict. An increase in the amount of time a team spends together will encourage better communication between team members and thus will result in a higher level of team cohesiveness. The environment in which a team works plays an important roll in member interaction. This is why the physical layout of an office should be catered to the ease of communication between team members. The cohesiveness of a team increases when faced with external competition and challenging objectives. Working with others in a threatening situation plays an important roll in reducing stress. Furthermore, team cohesiveness is felt to be higher when an individual feels a challenging task would be better solved with a group effort rather than working alone. The ease of entry plays a roll in team cohesiveness. If it is somewhat difficult to become a group member, both the new and old members will feel that they have all gone through the same initiation and be closer because of it. Team success increases the cohesiveness of a team through the belief that people like to be associated with success. The fact that a team is successful will instill confidence in the team to achieve future goals and objectives. This would result in more individual benefits over time. Team size also plays an important roll in the level…

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