Democracy by sheer definition is synonymous with equality. Therefore, the concept of mainstreaming fits perfectly in this scenario. Democracy comes from the Latin word demos meaning the ” the people,” not just one type of people, but all people. Mainstreaming children with disabilities into general classes should not be a privilege, but a common thing. Doing this in turn would instill a sense of acceptance and tolerance in the students, thereby reducing the amount of discrimination that a special educational student might be exposed to in future years. Democracy is alive and working well in the public school system. It is called mainstreaming. The public school system has a duty to provide equal opportunities to all students. By the same token, mainstreaming allows that privilege to be extended to the children with disabilities. Mainstreaming is an extension of the idea of democracy in schools. Mainstreaming is the practice that allows handicapped children the most appropriate and effective educational experiences, which will enable them to become self-reliant adults. By exposing students to children with disabilities, other children see that no one is “different” or should be treated differently due to superficial circumstances. Thusly, allowing for disabled children to get treated equally and fairly. This would instill a feeling of self-worth and boost self-confidence. Mainstreaming reinforces the values of patience, tolerance, and discourages discrimination. Also, by mainstreaming, a signal is sent out saying that all people are worthy of the same education and chances regardless of color, creed, or capability. It is estimated that approximately 3% or 6.5 million individuals in the U.S. has mental retardation and Drew et al., 1996 feels that the institutions should be closed out to the people with retardation being returned to the community and home environments. Initially mainstreaming was intended for students with mild di…

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