Dengue DiseaseResearch Paper O

Dengue DiseaseResearch Paper Outline ( dengue fever)1. Abstract (250 words ? 1 page max)a. research question (1 sentence)What is disease X?b. background info (2 sentences)Describe basic symptoms.c. methods (2 sentences)This disease is treated with X drugs which do Y to treat the symptoms.d. results (3 sentences)How well do the medications work? What are the sideffects?e. discussion (1 sentence)Current clinical trial you choose to analyze2. Introduction (4 pages)a. Literature reviewExplain different aspects of the disease, in detail, including genetic and epidemiological background and treatments.b. Research question: does the treatment address the symptoms alone or does the treatment also address the cause of the disease?3. Methods (4 pages)a. Research method (observation / interviews / focus): Clinical trial you choose. Describe it,b. Recruitment method: how many patients are being recruited, is it double blind? Does it involve a placebo?c. Evaluation of risks and benefits: is it a phase I or II or III?d. Consent procedure: Explain what a consent form is and what it would be in the clinical trial you are stuying.e. Problems encountered4. Results (8 pages)a. Explain your findings (results). What results would you expect to see?b. Use quotes from your data!c. Organize your information in a logical order5. Discussion / Conclusion (3 pages) Prepare a conclusion according to what you have found and the type of clinical trial you have analyzed.a. Relate results to lit studyb. Address missing datac. Provide ideas for future study!

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