Design Documentation: Analysis and Development

Research Paper, ArchitectureDesign Documentation: Analysis and DevelopmentProject descriptionPLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS BELOW ! I will attach slideshows to help answer the questions.Are architects required to do cost estimates according to AIA standard form agreements? If so, during which phases of design?What is the architects liability in construction cost estimating according to AIA standard agreements? Can architects be held responsible for inaccurate estimates?What are the 3 main methods of cost estimating and what are their relative advantages and disadvantages?During what design phase would an Area/ Volume estimate be made? During what design phase would a Subsystem/ Assembly estimate be made? During what phase would aQuantity Survey method be used?What is a Project Budget vs. a Bricks-and-Mortar Budget?What is the CSI Masterformat and what does it have to do with estimating and specifications?In a typical set Project Construction Documents what information takes precedent over the other (which are more important) ? the Drawings and 3D model, or theSpecifications. What are Specifiactions.What are 3 key factors in controlling overall construction cost?What is Life Cycle cost estimating?!

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