Design within bloomberg

Project descriptionApply theoretical models of design management and present your analysis in the form of an informed report. This will outline and summarise the results of the preparatory observational study and reference key findings, allowing you to reflect in more detail, review and comment on the theory behind the practice.During this stage further questions and hypotheses will be uncovered and should inspire you to be more curious and find deeper levels of understanding.this FORMAL report will identify, analyse, evaluate and critique your selected businesss use of design against the design management theory you have researched to dateThe report should be built upon your research, and show a clear understanding of how your selected firm makes use of designThere should be clear and appropriate evidence of comprehensive research into the theory you will use to critique your selected businessSelected theory and references should be clearly acknowledged using Harvard referencingPlease be sure that all references are from the internet which i can access. Thank you. You do not need to do any ?design? material simply write a report on how design is present and important within bloomberg. Please be sure to include RECOMMANDATIONS in the conclusion.Also include pictures please give a brief analysis of each area that bloomberg has ?bloomberg news, bloomberg tv, bloomberg radio, bloomberg beta, bloomberg government, bloomberg business week etc??

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