develop the Eden Project

develop the Eden Projectproblem statment : ? how can eden project redevelop in strategic way ??research Question :what are the ways of attracting international visitor to eden project ?how can steak holder effect the project in positively ?what are the enhancement and the adding that help of eden project ?how can eden project build a good markting plan ?step should follow:step 1 : gathering the facts? analysis of EP?s strategic capability (with use of appropriate conceptual instruments and models E.g. core competencies and or Kay?s distinctive capabilities? Analysis of Ep?s environment (with use of appropriate conceptual instruments and models ) E.g. PESTEL ,market segments and or diffusion S-curve.? analysis of EP?s strategic purpose (with use of appropriate conceptual models ) E.g. stakeholder map and/or culture web.? at least two of the used models should come from the book key management models by Van Assen,Van dan berg&pietersma.? SWOT analysis as a conclusion to the second step .step2:alternative courses of action? at least 5 possible alternative courses of action identified . courses are clearly linked to analyses in step2? the possible 5 alternative courses of action must be evaluated on the basis of Eden project?s mission ,long term goals or short term operational objective.? advantages and disadvantages given for each possible alternative course of action.!

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