developing and running a business

developing and running a businessPaper instructions: Individual Paper: Write a paper (Individual) on developing and running a business. You should incorporate various management principles. Paper should consist of aminimum 2000 words (longer is fine) not counting your title page or reference page. Include title, name, instructor name, date, course number, etc. Be sure to includerunning head, page numbers, introduction, body and conclusion as an example. Include at least three references. This paper should be A.P.A format. Please double spacewords.Demonstrate using a fictitious business how to develop a business and incorporate management principles. Simply put, you will develop a business and show how youwould run it. These principles include a mission statement, vision statement, company organization, planning (strategic or otherwise), coordinating and controlling.The business should consist of at least 10 employees of varying positions but can contain more.:

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