dick prosser

In The Destructors the Wormsley Common Gang lashes out in a terrible manner. The gang starts off as a few young boys looking for ways to occupy themselves. At first the activities that they part in are illegal, but not hateful or mean spirited. The boys would do meaningless things like steal bus rides and calculate who stole the most at the end of the day. When T. comes into the picture things start to change. T. takes control of the gang from Blackie. The gang members follow and listen to T. and accept him as leader. Once T. is in control the plans for daily activities become quite serious. The plan T. comes up with is to destroy Old Misery’s house. The boys collect tools for their job and the first night Old Misery is away; the destruction begins. Methodically, the house is ripped apart bathtubs and sinks are smashed, wires a torn from the walls, all the glass and china is busted, and the only things untouched are the outer walls. ” Blackie realized these were no longer the happy careless days under his leadership.” (Greene 54) Finally the house is nearly destroyed inside. The word of Old Misery’s return spreads quickly and the boys end up trapping the man in his own outhouse. The gang finishes their work inside the house, tie a rope around the supports of the hose, tie the other end to a car, and then they take off. In the morning when the car leaves Old Misery receives the pleasure of watching his house fall to the ground. In The Child by Tiger Dick Prosser is an older black gentleman. Dick is an ex-soldier and now lives with the Shepperton family. Dick is a very intelligent person, ” He cooked, tended furnace, and he even drove.” ( Wolfe 25) Dick is an excellent marksman and can box too. Dick knows all about football and always helps the kids around him, giving them pointers on the game. Mr. Shepperton said once, ” Dick is the smartest black man he had ever met.” (Wolfe 27) Dick lives in the Shepperton’s basement, he …

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