Direct Instruction

Direct InstructionA. Contact the specific school staff member, teacher, or administrator at the location of your school placement who supervises your pre-clinical experience (PCE); arrange to observe a lesson delivered using a research-based instructional approach. You will need to observe for an entire lesson. After the observation, you will describe the approach you observed as one of the following research-based instructional approaches: direct instruction, indirect instruction, inquiry learning, self-directed learning, or cooperative/collaborative learning. If you have not yet received confirmation of your PCE placement, contact your mentor before proceeding with this task.Let the teacher know that the purpose of the observation is to observe a research-based, instructional approach. Ask if it will be possible to receive a copy of the lesson plan prior to the observation. Before the observation, discuss with the teacher why this instructional approach is considered an effective, research-based strategy.B. Create an annotated bibliography using three academic sources that provide credible information about the research-based instructional approach you observed. Use the information gleaned from these three sources to complete the Guided Reflection Protocol form, part C, below.1. Include your three sources in APA format.2. For your sources (text-based and Internet sources, scholarly journals, etc.), provide credible academic information about the research-based instructional approach you observed.

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