Directions: Some of the most i

Directions: Some of the most interesting parts of American history come from cultural elements of society such as music or poetry because these aspects often reflect particular periods, events, or issues that were once relevant in the past. For this paper, you first need to choose a song or a piece of poetry that is exemplary of a certain period or Discuss (check for the help you need)es an issue that might reflect on a particular era. For instance, in the 1960s there were several songs that reflected on or addressed the Vietnam war. Once you choose your song or piece of poetry online, you need to dedicate one page in your paper to show all of the words or lyrics. Then, in the following 4 (+) pages, you need to describe how the song or poem reflects on the time period (considering the central events, people, and important issues at hand during that period and what is raised in your choice of poem or song). You must utilize 2 primary sources from your textbook as well and you must utilize one outside source (online or alternate book). You can choose any poem or song from 1865-present.Requirements:4 pages + (Song or Poem is NOT included in the page count total)12 point fontDouble-SpacedTimes New Roman1? inch marginsIn-text citations (no footnotes needed)Remember, this is NOT an opinion paper. You have the autonomy to choose your topic, but you must not use sentences in your paper such as ?I think? or ?I like? or ?I believe.? You can make definitive statements without using ?I? throughout.

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