Disney Princesses similar but different

ROUGH DRAFT- Compare/Contrast Essay #910711 February 14, 2000 Advanced Comp- block 2 Disney Princesses: similar, but different It would cause some people to laugh if I were to say that all leading characters in Disney movies were the same. To anyone who has seen at least a few, that notion is absurd. Even in tales of Walt Disney, not every hero wins the war, nor every princess her prince. In the classic Disney love stories of “Cinderella” and “A Little Mermaid”, the story lines are extremely similar. Love stricken teenagers, with parental boundries, and responsibilites they long to escape are the main characters in both of these cartoons. However different these young women seem to be, there are numerous uncanny similarities between them. Both beautiful young ladies are fatigued and distressed by their home lives, but each chooses to deal with it in a different way. As Ariel escapes the reality of her family by swimming around by the shore all day, Cinderella works tirelessly to please her wicked stepmother. The Little Mermaid has chosen to take an agressive role with her controlling and overly protective father, whereas Cinderella’s Stepmother and both wicked sisters force her into an emotional stupor. Cinderella is passive towards the authority in life, she accepts her situation for what it is, never a shred of hope that she could change her fate. Ariel, with a bit of selfishness, chooses to act out against her father’s orders. Despite her deep longing for freedom, Cinderella remains a slave to her own family day after day. Each girl hopes for a different, more promising life in the future, but they approach their daily lives in different ways. True love is desired by both Ariel and Cinderella. They each concoct elaborate daydreams of being with a handsome prince, experiencing the deep emotions of love. Although Ariel is grounded briefly by her common sense, when she sees Prince Eric, her feelings of lus…

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