Diversity Consciousness

Diversity ConsciousnessPaper instructions:Our main textbook, Diversity Consciousness, offers case studies at the end of each chapter from the perspectives of 3 fictional students ? Ligua, Mary, and Michael. They represent a variety of life situations and may resonate ? seem familiar ? to you. I believe Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ing these studies will give us a chance to seriously consider the readings and seeing how well they can apply in the lives of fictional characters ? and perhaps ourselves.Be sure to read the introductions to Ligua, Mary and Michael in chapter 1. Then you will need to read the scenarios and questions for each character in chapter 2 (pp. 71-73). Choose one scenario and answer all three questions about it and present your answers as a main topic in this conference. Be sure to create your response title identifying the scenario and your name ? e.g., ?Ligua?s scenario ? [your name]?s answers!

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