Diversity in Practice

1. Read the case example ?Stephanie and Rose Doer? (below)2. Using the library system online database, locate research articles that identify culturally competent approaches that are relevant to this case. For example, your online search may include but is not limited to key search terms such as ?teen pregnancy,? ?cultural competence in health care,? and ?social work with African American families.?3. Write a paper addressing the below questions:a. What cultural, racial, or ethnic issues are apparent in this case? Explore the professional literature on cultural competence and health care to determine the issues that you should watch for when trying to engage Stephanie and Mrs. Doer (10 points).b. Based on the results of your literature search and your personal and/or professional experience, what approach would you take with this family to demonstrate cultural competency in your work? (15 points)c. Based on the information you obtained above, what particular issues relevant to African American families and adolescent mothers are important to address in this case scenario? (10 points)4. In addition to your paper, submit copies of 3 journal articles that you cited in your paper. You can locate the journal articles using the library system online databases (9 points; 3 points for each article). (Go to gpc.edu and use the Galileo to get the article, the password to Galileo is : bound)You are a medical social worker at a hospital in downtown Atlanta. You work in the high-risk pregnancy and the neonatal intensive care units. While working one afternoon, you are paged to the labor and delivery suite by the charge nurse. You meet Stephanie a 16-year-old African American girl whose mother, Rose, brought her to the emergency room, nauseous and in severe pain. Rose is supportive of her daughter but was shocked to discover her ?normal healthy teenage daughter? was in active labor. Then they found the baby would be born with anencephaly ? a partial or missing brain ? and could die at any time. A few hours ago, Rose was unaware of Stephanie?s pregnancy. Now she was about to meet a fragile grandson with very special needs!

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