Diversity in The Workplace

Diversity A diverse workforce is composed of individuals of both sexes and of many races, ethic groups, religion, physical and mental abilities. Before, we thought of diversity as the total number of minority and women in the company, similar to affirmative Action. Today, companies need diversity at every level where decisions are made. The role of a manager is to create an environment where the uniqueness of each employee is maximized. According to the August 1994 issue of Fortune, human resource estimate that only 3%- 5% of the US corporations are diversifying their workforce effectively. The article continued by estimating in the millennium, nearly 85% of the 2.5 million entering the labor pool will be women, minorities or immigrants: only 15% of new entrants would be white males. It makes perfect sense that products and services offered to society should be developed, produced and marketed by a diverse work force. The dangers of ignoring this diversity were illustrated during the summer of 1999. Chief executive Jim Halpin of the largest computer retailer CompUSA began diversifying their marketing strategy after a popular morning radio station accused the company of ignoring black consumers. The matter stemmed from a dispute a year ago involving another media group. The group advising clients to limit advertising on stations targeting black or Latino audiences (Janelle Carter, 1999). The morning radio talk show encouraged thousands of listeners to send cash register receipts to the station so they could be sent to the president of the company. I was one of those customers. The show also encouraged listeners to call and find out why they were being ignored. Naturally, the protest ended when Halpin appeared on the show to let listeners know they were heard. He also hired several blacks in their marketing and advertisement departments and issued a 10% discount to all consumers who sent in a proof of purchase. …

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