Everyday newspapers, web sites, blogs, on-line news services, etc., mention and discuss diversity. Films, television shows, and commercials also inject diversity issues into their messages. Diversity issues are not always business related, specifically, the diversity issues illustrated in these various media infiltrate pop culture, politics, and even sports.The diversity journal will provide you the opportunity to explore diversity issues within these different realms. Refer to the assignment grid for due dates; you can submit your entry anytime before the deadline (in other words, you do not have to wait to post your entry on the exact due date). Your entry should correspond with the subject matter for the week.GUIDELINES? Choose a diversity-related topic, event, or person found in a specific source (refer above for ideas of where to look). You must provide a link to your topic and cite your topic within your entry. At least one source is needed for each entry; therefore, you will need at least 10 sources to complete the assignment. Use this exercise as an opportunity to explore diversity issues. Accordingly, use uncommon sources, stretch your research and try to click on the second page of a Google-search, use videos, or songs. Only you and I will see your journal entries, they are not viewed by other students, so I want you to feel free to explore your thoughts about diversity.? Each diversity journal entry has three (3) parts.? The first part is a summary of the diversity-related topic/event found in the source.? The second part is a brief analysis of the entry. Within your analysis include at least one (1) of the following concepts:? Diversity management? Internal dimensions of diversity? External dimensions of diversity? Stereotyping? Diversity paradigms? Business case for diversity? Legal aspects of diversity (federally protected classes, sexual harassment, ADA, FMLA, ADEA)? Integrated approach to diversity management. You may focus on one or multiple diversity components such as authentic leadership commitment, clear organizational communication, inclusive recruitment practices, long-term retention strategies, incorporation of diversity into the main work of the organization, diversity management metrics, expansive external relationships.? The third part is your opinion of the topic. In your opinion, you may include whether you agree or disagree; whether change needs to occur; whether whatever occurs in your topic/event is a positive thing or negative thing in the overall scheme of diversity and inclusion. You can include how this topic/event impacts the workplace in general. Obviously including anything from in-class discussions is appropriate (though not required).

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