Documentary: Waste Land

Links:1) 2) 3) watching the documentary, please write in three paragraph answering these questions.1.) Summarize what happened in the documentary.2.) Identify what you consider to be the main argument or lesson the filmmakers were trying to make with this documentary (whether or not you agreewith it). This might not be explicit, and could instead require your interpretation. Be as fair as possible in answering this section. Point toexamples and evidence from the documentary to support your claim.3.) The poor in Brazil often literally live in the garbage produced by Brazil?s wealthier citizens, while producing little of it themselves. Thispattern re-occurs in many countries, both Core and Periphery, with poorer or marginalized members of society living in the unhealthiest areas andlacking the resources to leave, while the wealthy are able to shield themselves from the worst consequences of the existing systems of massindustrial production and consumption of goods. What do you think this fact can tell us about the relationship between environmental inequality andother forms of inequality?:

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