Documentation of Learning (DOL)

Documentation of Learning (DOL)Documentation of Learning (DOL) is a final individual report that offersboth substance and reflection regarding: ?What has been learned, ?How it was learned, ?How you will apply this learning in the future.You will inevitably need to describe what happened during our class, the paper should not be a detailed report of everything we did in class. Instead, you should focus on analyzing what was particularly meaningful for you ? and why. Please be authentic and talk about what matters to you. A high-quality analysis is one that steps back from your situation, identifies key learning (processes, course concepts, aha moments) ? and does so in a personal, reflective and well-written fashion. A good DOL integrate the concepts of the class in your own personal learning path andfocus on the meaningful, personal value for you as a professional.What I did throughout the course. Team Project ? Consultation Group? Team Audit Your team will be formed on the first class and will meet for every session of this course for a group consultation. The team will meet once a week to serve each other as analysts/consultants on a story presented by one of the members of the group who is assigned the role of problem Presenter (P) for that session. Each person in the group will have an opportunity to take the role of Problem Presenter at least once during the course and present a case drawn from his or her own experience. Students are expected toprepare their case prior to the class session and present it in light of the questions that have been provided.The person that will serve as problem Presenter (P) for that week is expected to prepare a story abouta past leadership/team failure that he/she have experienced in his/her life. The creation of the story forgroup consultation should take 10-15 minutes on average and is to be done before class. Each week one student in the group is assigned to serve as the Chair Person (CP). Over the course of theterm, each student will be assigned each role at least once. Therefore, every member of the group will havethe opportunity to experience taking up each of the roles and to observe multiple ways in which those roles are filled by others.The person that will serve as the Chair Person (CP) for that week is required at a minimum to call themeeting to order, take attendance and notes of what happened during the meeting and compilemeeting minutes reports.The person that will serve as the Observer (O) for that week is required to refrain from participating inthe team work sitting outside the circle and taking notes and compile observer note. Forthis exercise will be compiled based on: ? The overall effectiveness of your group ? The quality and insight of the meeting minutes you are emailing to me when you act as a CP ? The quality and insight of the meeting minutes you are emailing to me when you act as an O ? The quality and insight of your work in team as a participant assessed through my observations/questions as a learning coach during class practice:

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