doll house1

Helmer is a successful bank lawyer in the drama A Doll House written by Henrik Ibsen. His wifes name is Nora. She is a housewife with three children and gets help raising them from her maid Helen. Nora and Helmer are both busy people within their lives. Little do they know that their marriage is not safe due to the fact that it is not given first priority in the lives they led. The action takes place in their home. Helmer is very protective when it comes to the family image that is portrayed to the public. This is because his career, as a lawyer, depends on it. He feels that he should have a perfect public image for the sake of his career and not his family, since that is what comes first in his life. This is seen when he discovers a letter from a bank that his wife, Nora, gets a loan from. He finds out that the loan was acquired illegally through forgery. She uses her fathers signature. Helmer immediately strips her of all her rights to him as his wife and to the children as their mother. He does not ask for divorce since this will not be a good public image for his career, instead he asks her to have a separate room from his and limits her time with the children. Helmer is the rule maker of his house. He meticulously gives details on how he wants his house run. He has set time for everything, when the meals are prepared, when the children should go to sleep, when they should wake up, what to eat, when to check the mail etc. This is probably the reason why he is successful in his career. He is again putting his career as first priority and uses the principal that he applies to it in the family. Helmer has an office in the house of with he gives limited accesses to his wife, Nora. He treats her as if she was one of his children instead of his wife. He entertains his official friends in the office in closed-door sessions and usually doesnt fill in his wife on his business. Career comes first for Hemler. The key t…

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