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Paper instructions:It is suggested that students complete the PART 1 (different order) before completing PART 2.This case is a Persuasive essay in which the writer encourages the reader to give in some way to a worthy cause. The writer must first select a licensed not-for-profit organization with a web presence before identifying a specific audience and appeal(s). Please note that giving comes in all shapes and sizes and not justfinancial contributions.A significant part of persuasive writing is appeal. Various appeals in your essay may be used to encourage your target audience to act. It may be helpful toimagine you?re writing a persuasive speech in which you must capture your audience?s attention, reel them in with specific details (and appeals), and then seal thedeal with the close in which you leave them with a lasting impression.This essay must include no less than SIX citations from the organization?s website. Citations are to be a combination of direct quotations and paraphrasedquotations with or without the author?s name. Additional sources may be used for this assignment, though not required.The essay must also include a Reference List that includes the website used (as well as others, if applicable).?????????????Assignment ExpectationsWrite a persuasive essay (no less than three pages in length) that encourages the reader to ?give.?Demonstrate the ability to make and support a Persuasive claim in a well-supported, organized, and cohesive essay.Demonstrate an understanding of audience appeals and the ability to use appeals effectively in persuading the reader.

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