Dr Martin Luthor King Jr

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In order to understand the profound meaning to Martin Luther King Day, we must first understand what it is, who he was, and above all else, what he stood for. This will be difficult to accomplish eloquently in one page, but I will try my best. Martin Luther King Day is a time when we are supposed to remember the sacrifices made by great American icons in pursuit of equal civil rights; some of these are Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Abraham Lincoln. Furthermore, I think that it is also about respect, respect of great leaders, of people who speak out against oppression and people who give up their lives so that others might have a better one. It is my opinion that children in grade school should not receive a day off on Martin Luther King Day, but they should use that day to learn about civil rights and black history. It is truly a shame to waste such a wealth of culture on a day of TV and Video games. Martin Luther King Junior, born Michael Luther King Jr. Was brought up in a very Christian atmosphere, acting as co-pastor until his father died, and then as a Pastor himself. I believe this positive moral influence is what fueled Kings will to get an education and prove that one man can make a difference. In the face of indifference he stood for justice and equal rights and he was given great strength by all those before him to speak out against the hypocrisy of life in The United States at that time, but perhaps the most valuable weapon in his great arsenal was hid I have a dream speech given at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Aug. 28,1963. It has gone on, in my opinion to be the most profound speech of the millennium. One thing is for sure lemme tell ya, Martin Luther Kings dream and spirit are made immortal and meaningful by all the people who remember him for what a great man he was a still stand up for his ideals, that can never be changed. If only we could all make such an …

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