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Academic essay writing is not as hard as students think. Once you have chosen your question, read the question for several times until you understand what it is required of you by analyzing the question in the mind before putting anything to paper. Ensure that the topic you choose is what you are interested in and what you understand. At this stage of reading and understanding the topic, select relevant quotes as you think about the keywords of the given topic while you note them.The second step is on secondary reading. Engage with the text by using critics in building your argument. However, ensure that your academic essay writing is not full of critics.The third step requires you to come up with your essay?s plan. The question to be answered should be in your mind as you draft your essay?s plan. This will ensure that you do not include any content that is irrelevant to the essay topic. At this point you should be familiar with what you are going to Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need) in your paper based on what you obtain from secondary texts and the analysis of the original or primary text.The fourth step is to begin writing your essay. This will require you to begin from your outline. Analyze your primary text as you come up with the best outline for easy academic essay writing. Show how best you can analyze your question by avoiding plot summary that is not necessary. Your marker should be able to know that you understand your question well if you are able to demonstrate your writing skills well in text analysis. Do not assume that the reader knows that you know what you are Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ing about. During your analysis avoid the details of speculation and regurgitation of biography since they are not necessary.The fifth step is on body writing. Your essay should not have very long paragraphs or very short paragraphs. Too short paragraphs are not scholarly whereas very long paragraphs might make your reader bored as he or she reads your paper. It is recommended that your page contains two or three paragraphs.The sixth step is about identifying the sources used. You can avoid plagiarism by writing your bibliography, works cited or references based on the style of writing. All your references should be listed after academic essay writing based on the style you are using. There are many styles that your tutors might want your assignments to adhere to. Such styles include APA style, MLA style, Chicago style and Harvard style among other academic styles.The seventh step is on citation. Cite your work fully based on the style in question. Citations will actually help you in doing away with the crime of plagiarism.The eighth step involves corrections. Read your paper for the last time and correct mistakes on punctuation, grammar, spelling, presentation and unnecessary plot summary among other mistakes. Do not forget to correct the bibliography of your academic essay writing as most students do.

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