EcoLine Construction

BACKGROUNDYou have been temporarily hired by a new company ? EcoLine Construction. Currently, you work between 6 and 7 hours a day for three days a week. EcoLine is trying to determine whether you should be hired full-time and a time chart is a way of determining whether it makes sense. EcoLine?s main purpose is to provide engineering advice on constructing ecologically-designed buildings. As such, they solicit green products and material for construction companies. They also design environmentally sound buildings themselves. They have a varied client list and are doing quite well. Currently, there are two architects, two environmental engineers, three draft persons, and an interior decorator employed by the company. This is in addition to a full-time administrative assistant as well as the owner of the company and the vice presidents. They are as follows:Mr. Ron Hemming Owner, and CEO of EcoLine ConstructionMs. Hilda Matthews Administrative Assistant to the CEO and Vice PresidentsMr. Frank Russell, P. Eng. Vice President Materials and ConstructionMs. Katherine Howard Vice President DesignMr. Peter Smith ArchitectMs. Roberta Acer ArchitectMr. Tommy Hilton Interior DesignerMs. Bonnie Powers DraftspersonMs. Susan Rasher DraftspersonMr. Tom Bosley DraftspersonMrs. Claudinne Trust EngineerMr. William Jessop EngineerPART AYour first step is to design an organization chart showing reporting relationships for Mr. Hemming. Your position is temporary so you will not go on the organizational chart. As you don?t exactly know what the job titles of these people mean, you may need to do a little research to determine who goes where. (Hint: Ask yourself questions such as, ?Is this material related?? or ?Is the designed related??)PART BYou have been asked to design a time distribution chart which shows exactly how much time you are spending different tasks.A time distribution chart is attached to this document. It will self-adjust as you type in the columns. You will need to add your totals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You should do a separate chart for each day.MondayLetter preparation for Jones and Son (Hemming ? 15 minutes)Phone calls (Smith ? 15 minutes)Research on green flooring (Russell ? 30 minutes)Research on sustainable wallpaper products (Russell ? 30 minutes)Research on non-toxic paint companies (Russell ? 1 hour)Travel reservations for Peter Smith (20 minutes)Dinner reservations for Mrs. Howard at The Keg. Attending the dinner will be the President, all Vice Presidents, and the seven person Board of Directors ( 10 minutes)Ordering office supplies (Admin ? 15 minutes)Planning for the annual general meeting (Admin ? 15 minutes)Preparing meeting brochures (Admin ? 15 minutes)Outgoing mail preparation (Admin ? 10 minutes)Preparing templates for regular office correspondence (Admin ? 5 minutes)Client database updating (Russell ? 10 minutes)Preparing a PowerPoint presentation for a potential new client (Hemming ? 30 minutes)Petty cash reconciliation (Admin ? 15 minutes)Filling documents (Admin ? 15 minutes)TuesdayData entry and loading other necessary information into the software programs (Admin ? 15 minutes)Making copies of the documents (Admin ? 15 minutes)Answering and receiving phone calls (Admin ? 1 hour)Sending faxes (Jessop ? 1 hour)General administrative tasks ( Admin ? 1 hour)Monitoring the order supplies related to the office (Admin ? 45 minutes)Distributing the incoming mails to the respective staff (Admin ? 20 minutes)Filing (Admin 1 hour)Answering emails for Mr. Jessop (1 hour)WednesdayAttended a six-hour conference on behalf of the group on ?Properly Constructing an Ergonomic Office?.PART COn Wednesday, you attended a conference on ?Properly Constructing an Ergonomic Office? on behalf of EcoLine Construction. Mr. Hilton and Ms. Acer were registered to attend but another priority prevented this from happening. This is why you were selected to go. Naturally, they expect a written report on what you learned.Prepare a two-to-three page report on any ergonomic considerations that could be included in an office environment. You may use your book or the Internet for any information you feel necessary to include. However, be very careful not to plagiarize!! All information must be sourced correctly and I do not want to see any copy/paste information from the Internet. Doing so will result in a mark of zero in this assignment and an academic discipline report. To avoid this, use sources

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