editing and a little of rewritting

editing and a little of rewrittingPaper instructions:Tighten focus on your critique of Dawkins text. Overall how valuable or worthwhile is it to read this chapter (Chapter 3)? And Why? End your Essay SUMMING UP your answers to these Questions.*Chapter 3 ONLY? Finding the RIGHT words to express your thoughts as clearly as possible many phrases here were unclear.? Explaining how the points you cover fit into the ?big picture? of your argument. Regularly connect everything back to your thesis.* KEEP IN MIND ABOUT THE GRAMMAR AND SPELLING, i?ve asked someone to write this paper before and it turn out to be a ruins.*Here is the Structure of the Essay should Be :1. Introduction:?..2. Summary of the Chapter (Primarily on Chapter 3 of the book) which is already done i just need you to correct it again, and added some sentences.3. Critique: State why is the book worth to read for other reader (find the points on chapter 3) Is the book worth your time to read Why? Treat this essay as if you are Critiquing a book.4. Conclusion: Overall assessment/ So what? what do you think of the book? your impression.note that: Don?t be too bias in judging the book. you only have to concentrate on chapter 3, but still read the other chapter to help you understand more.* TURNITIN ENABLE (ORIGINAL PAPER PLEASE)(Treat this as a reference)2. Title Photo: Page 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6 summary ARE the FIRST DRAFT OF THE ESSAY.(TIGHTEN THE ESSAY CONCENTRATE ON 1 ARGUMENT IN 1 PARAGRAPH AND PROVIDE A SUPPORTING EVIDENCE about 2 ? 3 from the text)(This is what you have to continue to work)3. Photo title Page 1,2 and (Page 1 whole page has been edited) edited are the changes that i already made myself which is basically the introduction and summary of chapter 3, the teacher wanted me to make some changes and CONTINUE.. to make changes because he said that the first essay(original draft) is more of a summary essay, NOT a critique essay, Your job is to make changes in this pages AND continue 2 1/2 pages of your critique about this book,?Why is this book worth your time or other reader to read it??What about the arguments (critiques his arguments) valid or invalid??Conclusion? therefore, you agree disagree about his theory?The underline in the essay are the words that doesn?t rhythm/ doesn?t make sense4. Please state that if you agree with Richard Dawkins or You disagree and explain why did you agree or disagree in very descriptive way.5. THIS IS A CRITIQUE ESSAY, YOU ARE ASSIGN TO CRITIQUE A TEXT, but Don?t be so bias in Critiquing it6. Show me the first Page of the editing after 2 days7. will tell you if you need to make any changes s

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