Educational Privatization Models

There is a growing number of families and politicians in the United States who believe that educational privatization options meet the needs of students better thanpublic schools. Significant investments have been made in such privatization options as charter schools, private schools, and home schools. The topic may be examinedfrom many perspectives, and, in this Discuss (check for the help you need)ion, you will research educational privatization approaches from an empirical perspective. In this way, you will beprepared to engage in the broader community Discuss (check for the help you need)ions that you will likely be a part of in your professional future.To prepare for this Discuss (check for the help you need)ion, read the following resources representing three educational privatization approaches. As you read, look for empirically backedbenefits.On Charter SchoolsZimmer, R., & Buddin, R. (2010). The economics of charter schools. In P. Peterson (Ed.), International encyclopedia of education (pp. 360?366). Amsterdam, TheNetherlands: Elsevier Science.On Private SchoolsBraun, H., Jenkins, F., & Grigg, W. (2006). Comparing private schools and public schools using hierarchical linear modeling. Washington, DC: National Center forEducational Statistics. Retrieved from"Executive Summary" (pp. iii?v)Wenglinsky, H. (2007). Are private high schools better academically than public high schools? Washington, DC: Center on Education Policy. Retrieved from Home SchoolsBelfield, C. (2008). Home schooling. In H. Ladd & E. Fiske (Eds.), Handbook of research in education finance and policy (pp. 467?474). New York, NY:Routledge.Scenario: You have been asked to serve on a political committee interested in advocating for changes to improve education options for U.S. children. You are invitedas a credible education expert.By Day 7 of Week 9:Post your response to the following prompt:Based on empirical research, what attributes of charter schools, private schools, and home schools justify the use of public funds as a means of improving education?Which of the non-public options would you recommend and why? Cite resources to defend your position.

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