EducationOn the Fence: The Hid

EducationOn the Fence: The Hidden World of the Hard of HearingQuestions (pp. v-40)In (On the Fence: The Hidden World of the Hard of Hearing) Book.Introduction1.What was the purpose of running after saying ?hello??.2.Why might hard of hearing individuals be considered ?unique??.3.What does the phrase ?on the fence? refer to?.4.How might hard of hearing CODAs differ from hearing or deaf CODAs?.Between 3 Worlds1.Which worlds do you float between? How does that make you feel?.Hearing Loss1.Why is avid reading so uncommon amongst the hearing-impaired population?.2.What did the consolation prize represent?.3.Why would the phrase ?Practice makes perfect!? be a problem for children with hearing loss?.4.Shannon Thomas indicates that her biggest challenges were self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy. First of all, what are these concepts? Secondly, Why would they be of issue for a child with a hearing loss?.5.What is meant by the phrase ?Low expectations yield low results.??.6.Why might low self-esteem be a bigger ?handicap? than a hearing loss?.7.Have you ever been stunned by the social ineptitude of people who know nothing about deafness? How do you tend to respond when these situations occur?.Swimming Upstream1.Why would being hard of hearing be considered an invisible disability?.Journey into Silence ? And Out1.Why would finally being able to hear be distressing?.2.Why was it so difficult for the VA to identify and label Bob?s hearing loss?.My Quiet Room1.What is Tinnitus? How can it affect communication?.But Mom, I Hate Telling People!1.What are the pros and cons of disclosure?.2.Identify an example (not from the book) of indirect disclosure..Never Mind1.What difficulties are faced by individuals who are hard of hearing, but want to be part of the hearing world?.Speech Therapy1.What factors would make speech therapy easier?.What factors would make speech therapy more difficult?!

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