Effects of Media on People

I. Introduction Media nowadays is considered a window for learning and is also considered to be our main window to the world. Media has evolved from simple text in papers, to voices in radios, to voices with pictures in television and movies, to the very broad and information packed Internet. But as we all know, media has changed and evolved since then. Media then was primarily used to deliver news across the town and to beef up the people with the information they need for their everyday life. Then, newspaper was the only form of media until radio came into the picture. When radio came it became the most popular form of media. Then when television was born, it replaced radios and people turn to television for sources of information. But before the end of the millennium, Internet was born. Internet is now the most popular form of media not only to youngsters but also to adults because of its diversity and usefulness. As kinds of media evolve, contents also evolve. From recorded news to live news via a satellite. From simple text to attractive graphics. From variety shows to teen oriented programs. Media has changed a lot since it started. II. Kinds of Media Television The fossils found in American garbage dumps clearly show the evolution of the radio into the television set. Layers of fossil garbage from the WWI era (10 million years ago) contain fragments of radios that use vacuum tubes. The first televisions appear in the WWII layer (8 million years ago) that lies immediately above the WWI layer. The components in these early television sets are nearly identical with those in the WWI radios, so the radio clearly evolved into the television. Both the radio and television show signs of further evolution, with transistors replacing tubes in later models. Radios evolved into televisions through a process of ran…

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