Elderly people

Lisa Barrera Soc 11-Aging: Change and Adaptation The Life Review Paper April 25, 2000 The day I chose to interview my person, I was very anxious yet very nervous. I was very scared to just interview a total stranger. I never did anything like this before. I didn? want to interview my grandmother or any other elder person close to me, because I felt that I knew too much about them and I wanted to learn more about the lives of other elders. I chose a woman ?athy,?is what I named her, for anonymous reasons, because I had done a little work at the Ruggle? House a couple years back, and I knew she led a very interesting life. I chose to interview Kathy with very detailed questions because she too was very interested in learning about my life. We met one afternoon and talked for about two hours. It was one of the best times I had this semester. We are hoping to even plan on meeting again in the near future. Kathy is approximately seventy three years old. She comes from a very fascinating, cultural, and musical family. She actually is the niece of Susan B. Anthony and is very proud of this. She grew up in the south in South Carolina. She traveled and lived in many places. One of her fondest memories is living in Florida. She hated the heat but remembered living with her family and brother having the best teenage years anyone could ever imagine. Her original family came from Germany and many other foreign countries such as Sweden and France. She doesn? remember much of her parents lives, except that they was born in America and raised their family here too. She was born in South Carolina along with her brother. She had many friends who also shared her strong passion for music. She remembers playing a lot of dress-up with her mother? clothes with her friends and running around in their enormous backyard playing in the grass and ?oaking up the sun?as she put it. She spent a lot of her time writing poetry and creating…

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