Emergence of Modern Transportation: 1850 Essay Help

Transportation in the 1850?s was a revolution. People were able to travel from city to city in a matter of hours due to the arrival of railroads. Communication between states cities and towns became instantly available because of the telegraph which ran besides railroad tracks. The nation was inter-connected between the telegraph lines and the tracks of railroads. There was also the horse pulling carriages and sleighs but weren?t used very often only on a daily level. For long-distant travel trains were the main transporter instead of horses. Many of these inventions would carry the nation far inEmergence of Modern Transportation: 1850 transportation and traveling advances. One of the transportation designs that reached America was the construction of shipbuilding such as the steamboat. When scientists were experimenting with engines that could use inexpensive fuel oil was the main power source at the time and with the finally perfected ship it could increase the speed of maritime transportation and decrease the time it took to get to the location. Then once businesses released the boat the ship?s popularity grew dramatically also rising the international passenger?s service to be able to ship. Then piers and docks began to accommodate these large boats which linked to major trading ports of the world. Trading would become a large investment in other materials needed for new products. (People) When advertisements first merged it was around the 1840?s a few years before the Transportation Revolution. At home the women called Bedrock of the American family? were the main people who would buy and make use of consumer goods. To be able to sell the new transportation inventions the market needed to advertise to get business. As a result companies began to advertise in the newspapers on broadsides and also billboards. In the business?s newspaper or magazine they would traditionally post a brief assessment of their product in the advertising sections of newspapers. It would provide a list of their goods to inform the public of what was available to purchase. Another form of advertising was photographs of merchandise where the product?s name covered the entire streetscape. This technique was introduced in the middle to later part of the nineteenth century. Then advertising launched slogans. Companies would make their consumers remember the product because of its unique name and would cast it in an optimistic light.? Many inventions also advanced in technology and medicine which sky-rocketed the growing advertising industry. It would lead to products of similar designs to compete against one another such as the steam engines/boats and cotton gin. (Allor) Before many of these transportation inventions were introduced to America manufacturing was done in people?s homes using hand tools or basic machines. Industrialization made a shift to powered special-purposed machines factories and also mass production. The textile and iron corporation with the steam engine played main roles in the Industrial Revolution. It marked improvements in different systems of travel exchanging of information and banking. That brought about an increased variety of manufactured merchandise and improved normal living conditions and even increased what was grim employment and suitable states for the poor and working classes. (History) Due to the great improvement of advertising many people would not know about the newest transportation and inventions. It would eventually lead to a decline in consumer purchases and would also affect the economy. Later it would affect the ways and traditions of the public and we would not have the modern technology we have today and it was all because of a sign with a product?s name. After many technological and transportation advances the nation would be one of the most modern and more highly developed country in the world.”

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