In the play The Miracle Worker, Annie says to Kate “Mrs. Keller, I don’t think Helen’s worst handicap is deafness or blindness. I think it’s your love. And your pity.” In my opinion this means Mrs. Keller has babied Helen all these years and now she is a spoiled little brat. This is what Helen’s problem is. Not her blindness, or her deafness. This is preventing Annie from teaching this child. For example, when Annie tries to teach Helen not to eat off of her plate, they get in a huge fight. Annie is trying to get her to fold her napkin and eat with a spoon. If Helen were a child that was properly disciplined than it would not have taken all day for Annie to teach her. I also believe that Annie was absolutely correct with her statement. From reading the play and watching the movie Annie seems like a little brat to me. She seems to need a serious belting. I can understand where Helen’s mother is coming from. If I were her I would probably feel sorry for her too, and I would love her just like Mrs. Keller does, but I would not have let the situation go this far. I would have stopped it and gotten a good teacher long before it had gotten this bad. Annie had trouble at first but when she starts getting through to Mrs. Keller and Helen, she really started to work miracles. Bibliography The Miracle Worker …

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