Encyclopedia Entry

Encyclopedia EntryThe goal of this assignment is to write a short (500-700 word) summary and analysis of one of the three moral theories (Mill, Nozick, Ross) that we?ve studied so far, which could be informative for someone who is interested in ethics but had no background in the subject. That is, think of a roommate or friend who hasn?t taken Ethics but is smart and interested in the topic as someone who should benefit from reading your Entry.Your Entry will have three parts:In the first part (1-2 paragraphs), you will explain the main general principle(s) of the theory, which will involve (i) explaining in ordinary terms what they mean, and (ii) applying the claims to at least one example. You may use one of the cases that we discussed in class, so long as you summarize it. You should refer to specific pages from the readings whenever you attribute claims to Mill, Nozick, or Ross. Do not use quotations ? just put the ideas in your own words.In the second part (1-2 paragraphs), you will explain an important potential advantage of the theory. What is compelling about Mill?s utilitarian principle, or Nozick?s two side-constraints, or Ross? list of prima facie duties? You could point out how, for instance, Nozick?s and Ross? views avoid counterexamples to Mill?s utilitarianism. Or you could point out how Mill?s utilitarian principle captures the intuitive idea that it?s right to do what benefits others and ourselves (the ?Welfare Principle?). In any case, be sure to explain how the theory has the advantage. For example, don?t just state that Nozick?s view avoids certain counterexamples. Explain what the counterexamples are and how Nozick?s view avoids them.In the third part (1-2 paragraphs), you will explain an important potential worry about the theory. Why might we reject Mill?s utilitarianism, or Nozick?s theory of side-constraints, or Ross? theory of prima facie duties? Here, it will probably be helpful to consult your notes from class, when we discussed potential problems for these views. And, again, don?t just state that the theory has some potential worry; explain what the worry is and how exactly it casts doubt on the theory.!

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