Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Constructionpneumatics hydraulicsProject descriptionAnswer the following questions:TASK1: Design and sketch a simple schematic overview for a small scale pneumatic service system of the kind that could be used to support the use of hand held pneumatic tools within a small to medium sized workshop. Explain the purpose of the key components and explain how your system would be installed. Making reference to appropriate H&S legislation, outline the basic safety and maintenance requirements that you would put in place to support your installation.TASK2: Consider the following:1) Pneumatic accumulator/reservoir2) Hydraulic reservoir3) Fluid power pumps4) Fluid power motorsProvide a simple sketch and brief description for each of the above*NOTE: I will attach examples of both questions on how to do it, I DONT WANT YOU TO COPY AND PASTE.. ONLY USE IT AS AN EXAMPLE. PROVIDE DIFFERENT NUMBERS AND SKTECH.???-Added on 22.11.2014 07:03i attached 3 examples of task 1. and one example of task 2.???-Added on 22.11.2014 09:38There is another question which i need you to answer and add an extra page to the paper.TASK3: Evaluate and justify the choice of fluid power in industry. Provide examples of systems that employ both pneumatic and hydraulic fluid power. Discuss (check for the help you need) the merits of these and justify their choice for the identified examples. Discuss (check for the help you need) briefly the technical requirements of these systems and explain commercial considerations for your examples.

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