English 231, American Literature

RESEARCHED CRITICAL ANALYSIS ESSAYSelect one or two works written by one or two American authors in either Volume A or B of your textbook. Design your own original persuasive thesisbased on your interpretation of the work(s) you?ve chosen. In your essay, please be sure to include direct quotations from both the primary andsecondary sources for support. ??Purpose: To guide your audience to a place of deeper understanding of 1) your literary work as a whole; 2) why thework still matters and has relevance in the 21st century and beyond (See Course Description on syllabus)??Audience: Students (peers) who have readyour literary work but need help with interpretation, context, and understanding long-term relevance (See Course Description on syllabus) and yourinstructor??Requirements for final essay: 5-8 MLA formatted content pages plus Works Cited page with 1 or 2 primary source(s) and a minimum of 3secondary sources, which must be scholarly/ professional.??(Annotated Bibliography of sources precedes this assignment.)Additional Requirements: MLA format; correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure; appropriate essay form; seamless secondary sourceincorporation ? paraphrase, summary or quotation; thesis; incorporation of literary terms/elements?? Brainstorming ideas:??1) Place the work in thecontext of a particular ?ism. Explain how the work features tenets of that -ism and why it is especially representative and significant. ??2)Compare a work of American Romanticism with one of its British counterparts (British Romantic writers: William Blake, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, JohnKeats, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Mary Shelley, etc.) Explain which work or style, in your mind, is more effective, engaging,and/or far-reaching and why. ??3) Examine the Native American or European literary voice/perspective in a specific context. ??4) Trace a connection(thread) through the various periods of early American Literature (identity, independence, nature, land, religion, cultural conflict, war,immigration, heroes and outsiders, the role of women, etc.). Discuss ways in which an author or authors incorporates or illuminates or comments uponthat thread similarly and/or differently than other writers or of each other.5) Analyze how a historical thread developed by characterization, plot, setting or theme.Suggestion: Submit your work to the Writing Center soon! Those who work there, mostly A-B Tech English instructors and student peer tutors, areavailable to help you during any stage of this process from thesis creation/ brainstorming to drafting to making final revisions.http://www.abtech.edu/WritingCenter:

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