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Topic: english FictionOrder DescriptionUSE THIS LIST FOR YOUR NARRATIVE TERMS WRITE-UP. PRESENT THE NARRATIVE TERMS YOU ARE ASSIGNED TO WRITE ABOUT IN THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY ARE LISTED. FOR TERMS WITHMULTIPLE COMPONENTS, BE SURE TO INCLUDE DEFINITIONS, EXAMPLES, AND ANALYSIS OF EACH COMPONENT OR ?SUB-TYPE? TO SHOW YOUR FULL KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THENARRATIVE TERM.FINAL Narrative Terms Assignment This is the final list and explanation of your narrative terms assignment.For each term listed below provide:a) a definition or explanation of the term in your own words. You should use Bedford to help you understand the complexity of this term, and you may directly quotesome of Bedford should it be necessary (do so using MLA format, though, or else you will be plagiarizing). If a term has multiple sub-components, you should be sure tomention those specifically even if they are not listed below.b) the reason why we utilize or consider the term when we perform literary studies. In other words: why this term is important and relevant to a thorough analysis of atext, how it reveals aspects of the texts to us or how it operates in a text to reveal something else of import to one studying the textc) an example of the term from one of our readings this termd) the aspect of that text (from your example) that is then revealed or more fully analyzed and understood by one?s recognition of and understanding of the term?As you write each entry, be sure to number the entry, state the term, and then separate the four parts of each entry into lettered parts. Each part only need to be asentence or two. Thus, Allusion would be formatted as follows: 1. Allusion a) A literary allusion is ? b) When an author uses literary allusions it creates?. This is important because? c) We see a literary allusion in XX when [provide specific passages/quotes here]? d) The use of this allusion creates ? in the text and shows us that ?.p.s. I only wrote tiny bits as an example. You should write as much as you need to in order to get the full meaning of the term across to your reader clearly. Think ofyourself as the teacher for this assignment?you are explicating the term and instructing a class of literary scholars on how it can be used and its particularrelevance to one of our reading selections.1. Allusion 2. Anachrony (all types and means) 3. Bildungsroman 4. Characterization (all types and means) 5. Conflict (all types and means) 6. Motif & Symbol (Combined in one summarizing definition) 7. Narration & Narrator (Combined in one summarizing definition) 8. Plot 9. Point of View (all types) 10. Rising Action, Climax, Crisis, Falling Action, Denouement 11. Theme 12. Tone 13. Unreliable narrator:

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