English HoadersProject descrip

English HoadersProject descriptionUse standard MLA formatting. Minimum number of references is 6. All references must be credible and preferably a primary or secondary source. The page length is a minimum of 6 pages, including the works Cited page. The paper must have a clear thesis statement. The rough draft and final draft must be submitted in a MS Word format. A cover sheet or outline is not needed for the final draft but I need one to show to the teacher. An electronic search report is required during the discovery process of the paper. Endnotes and footnotes are not required. In-text citations and the credibility of the source must be written within the body of the text. Tables and figures are allowed but must be relevant to the text and properly cited. Hyperlinks are allowed but do not count as citations. She wanted us to use peer views use sites like http://sks.sirs.com, http://infoweb.newsbank.com, www.nclive.org, A.D.A.M. and Stat!Ref. Parallelism is a must. No plagiarism you know you must every time you quote, paraphrase, or summarize another?s author?s work, you need to acknowledge that author. Paraphrase and summary it is imperative to use one?s own words and sentence structure. Margins 1? all around Double Header: Last name and page number only Line spacing to double entire document Header flush with the right hand margin only last name and page number on every page Font Times New Roman Size 12 Title centered Indent the first line of every paragraph by half an inch Must have a works cited page it must be doubled spaced. This is the main things but I will add more instructions if needed.!

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