English in the primary classroom

English in the primary classroomOrder DescriptionAssessment overviewThis assessment task requires you to draw upon the learning materials (podcasts, readings, andactivities) from the first module of this unit, in order to articulate your understanding of language andliteracy development as applied to the primary school context. This understanding is foundational foryour success in planning, teaching, and evaluating learning in English.Related learning objective:1. Demonstrate and communicate an understanding of the development and theory of language,literature and literacy throughout the primary years of schooling.Assessment detailsYou are to write a 2,000 word expository essay*, in which you describe the process of languagedevelopment, and explain in your own words contemporary theories/models of literacy developmentas they apply to the primary school context.You will need to draw on resources from the weekly materials (podcasts, readings, and activities), andappropriate scholarly literature that you have sourced independently to inform your description andexplanation.* An expository essay describes and explains; it does not require you to persuade your reader to aparticular point of view or to argue a particular stance.Your essay will need:? A clear introduction, in which you present a clear statement of intent and clarify exactly whichtheories/models you are explaining. The introduction must introduce both the topic (language andliteracy development), and the structure of your essay.? A series of paragraphs making up the body of your essay, in which you describe languagedevelopment and explain contemporary theories/models of literacy development.? A conclusion, in which you reiterate the key points made and sum up your essay.Assessment criteria1. Knowledge of language development and capacity to describe it2. Understanding of theories/models of literacy development3. Format and structure4. Academic research

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