English literature Shakespeare’s writings

Paper instructions:Shakespeare?s writings. Must be organized, detailed, compare and contrast his works, explain background on him, why did he become a writer? What is his writing style? Who does he compareto and WHY?always WHY My instructor has a PHD in British literature?must be a great paper?Critical Analysis of a Middle Ages or Early Sixteenth Century work of your choiceProposal and paper due dates: see course outline on syllabusLength: 5-7 pages double-spaced, MLA styleSecondary sources: at least 3 required, 2 of which must be scholarly journal articlesSee also: Essay Evaluation sheet (rubric), LAC, MLA refreshersDesign your own original persuasive thesis and support it with direct quotations andparaphrases from the primary text. Avoid merely rehashing material previouslydiscussed in class; be original and thoughtful about your topic.!

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