English patient

The English Patient, directed by Anthony Minghella, is a romantic, melodramatic film which defines the art of cinematography. The internal and external rhythms, lighting, camera angles, lenses, music, dialogue, and editing are displayed in a way which conveys the meanings and themes to the viewer in such a clear and efficient manner. Due to this fine exhibition, it is of the belief that film schools should use this piece of artwork as a guide to students who wish to learn what cinematography actually is. So poetically did this phenomenal cast tell the story based on Michael Ondaatje’s novel, that after each viewing , a greater love, understanding, respect and admiration arose without any signs of boredom. One of the numerous themes of The English Patient is the troubles, hardships and ever lasting negative emotions that war causes. It tells us that: even if one is lucky enough to escape the war without physical wounds, emotionally there is no escaping its impact. All of the main characters undergo some sort of “pain” as a result of the war between the Axis and Ally forces. The protagonist, Count Laszlo Almasy, a Hungarian cartographer, perhaps has been struck the hardest of any. Almasy is rescued from his plane after it is shot down and is soon mistaken for an English soldier. However, his troubles continue as his body is burnt from head to toe leaving the majority of his body immobile. Almasy is dependent on heavy doses of morphine in order to temporarily relieve him of the excruciating pain that he suffers from. Also, if that isn’t enough, Almasy fails to save the life of Katherine Clifton, a woman who he loves so dearly. Hana, the British nurse caring for Almasy, fortunately gets through the war without any physical damage. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the emotional impact that she suffers from. At times, the pain is so severe that Hana wishes death upon herself. The diligent Nurse feels as if everyone she has ever lov…

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