Topic: ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS PAPEREach student will individually complete an environmental analysis, looking for how these environmental factors affect yourcompany. To format your short paper and to see how to cite using APA, use the information in the Bb College of BusinessWriting, Formatting, and APA Guides folder in Bb Course Work/Quizzes database. Limit this paper to 4 single-spaced pages bysummarizing your analysis of your research. It is always expected that you will have an introduction that gives the purposeand provides a summary of what you will cover. Don?t forget to use appropriate headings to outline your paper and provide aheader with page number as well as a thoughtful conclusion.Post your paper to Bb SafeAssign by clicking on the ?view/complete? link below and bring a paper copy to class.External Environment Research Guidelines/QuestionsClusterIndustry? How do you define the Industry/Industries your company operates in? Which industries are related to this company andhow/why are they related?? What is the size ($) of the Industry/Industries? What is the growth/decline & volatility of the Industry?? Explain the structure of the industry ? who are the ?players? in the industry?? What are some major trends in the industry that are important for your client to understand?? How long the industry has been around ? maturity?? Is this industry attractive for the client to operate in?Market? What is the market/markets for this product? Define the market/markets (the buyers of this product/service).? What is the size of this market/markets ($, geography, etc)?? What are some major trends in the market that are important for your client to understand?? Is this an attractive market for the company to serve?Competition? How do you define competition for your company? How do you define the direct and indirect competition for your company?? What is the state and structure of competition (number, size, type, geography of competitors, etc)?? On what level do these competitors compete with your client (Product level, company level?) Explain.? What is the competition using to differentiate themselves (Product level ? quality, functionality, features? Price? Companylevel ? Marketing/advertising? Distribution? Customer service? Geography? Etc)? What is the company?s local/regional competition like? Who are the local/regional competitors (both direct and indirect)?Guidelines for Formatting Short PapersBy: Your NameAn introduction paragraph provides the purpose of the paper and outlines the topics to be covered. Margins can be set at 1?onsides, top, and bottom. Headings are used when more than one topic is covered in the paper. It?s important to pay attentionto the topic headings, paragraph spacing, and page headers. Equally important is proofing your completed paper forcorrectness in grammar, punctuation, and word choice.A clear, concise subject title helps readers to focus on the subject and to gauge its importance. Include a byline with yourname.Formatting Headings, Paragraphs, and Page NumbersWhen Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ing a number of subtopics related to your subject, include headings (as shown here). Headings help you organizeand help readers locate information quickly. If you use sub-headings, please use side headings as illustrated below.Paragraph SpacingDo not indent the first line of paragraphs. Please single space or Word default spacing within paragraphs and double spacebetween paragraphs. Paragraphs should be no more than 10 lines and no less than 5 lines.Second-Page NotationWhen the paper exceeds one page, begin the second and all the subsequent pages with a header. Place this information inWord?s header function, so that the header is automatically loaded into each page. For example, your header might look likethis:Personal SWOT AnalysisPage 2A conclusion paragraph is needed to tie the topics of the paper together and give your opinions about the assignment. It doesnot need to have a heading.EndnotesPlace in this section the (APA formatted) bibliography sources that you cited within the paper. Always give other peoplecredit for their ideas that you used in your work.Category: Editing

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