Epidemiologic Study

Epidemiologic StudyUnit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:? Identify and describe the types of research design commonly used inepidemiological studies, including ecological, cross-sectional, case ?control and cohort? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these commonly usedepidemiological studies? Explain the importance and design of randomized controlled trials? Describe potential errors in epidemiological studies and their effects,including random error, bias and confounding? Describe various ethical issues relating to epidemiological studyCourse outcomes assessed/addressed in this Assignment:HS311-1: Describe epidemiological methods and study design.GEL-8.2: Use principles of sound reasoning.InstructionsFor this Assignment, you will identify a published epidemiologic study from apeer-reviewed journal. Read the article and prepare an essay that addressesthe following four sections:1. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs): Identify the article you selected andprovide a brief overview.2. Study Design (2-3 paragraphs): Identify the study design and describehow it?s used in the research, as presented in the article.3. Discussion (3-4 paragraphs): Identify at least one strength and oneweakness of using this design. Support your analysis with examples from thestudy. In your discussion, consider how you might address the weakness.Also, identify and explain one ethical issue that could apply to your study.4. Conclusion (1 paragraph): Conclude your Assignment by explaining whyyou selected this article.RequirementsYour article must be from a peer-reviewed journal.This Assignment will have a minimum of two full pages, not including title page and reference page.Use APA style for formatting and citations.!

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