Essay-Combine a discussion of how you might apply the ideas discussed chapters 2 and 3 along with the questions in the following section called Stretching Your Mind. Note: Neither of these discussions are intended to be very detailed; however, offer some depth in your thinking. Stretching Your Mind. Explore web sites like the following. There are many others. These came from putting biodiversity + wellbeing in a Google search device. You might want to see what happens with sociocultural diversity + biological diversity + wellbeing in the search window. As social workers we should be respectful of the sort of sociocultural diversity this course is about. It is less clear how sociocultural diversity is related to biological diversity. After exploring some of the web sites, answer the following question within your essay along with the usual discussion of the text and internet exploration. What relationships do you think might exist between sociocultural diversity and the global concern about loss of biological diversity, global warning, the future of the world, etc? Include this with your essay.:

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