Essay, Gender & Sexual Studies

reflactionwrite one paragraph that includes both of the following: aA sentence or two that summarizes the thesis of the article. What is the main point? Be as specific as possible and refer to the text itself .aA sentence or two that expresses what you think about that thesis or main point and why. For instance: Is it persuasive? Why or why not? Does itmake you angry or inspired? Was this a new idea to you? What experiences in your own life influence your understanding of the article?Avoid spending time and space on broad introductions and generalizations. For example, aSince the dawn of time, women have been oppressed.a The strongest Reflections will show the relationship among some or all of the articles, how one answers another or extends the ideas of another. Reflection should demonstrate a clear understanding of the key arguments or points of the assigned reading and will provide an engaged and thoughtfulreflection on those ideas. The paper will be clearly written, grammatically correct, and be free of spelling mistakes and typos.:

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