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Essay HistoryYour response should be typed (12 point font) and should be one page long. Please use Arial or Times New Roman font. Assignment is to expressyourself cogently with little to no grammatical and spelling mistakes.1. Orientalism and its effects on both Western and Eastern societies are a key theme in the Season of Migration to the North and Only in London. Picka character from either text and explain how he or she relies on Western stereotypes of the Near East to interact with West in London. Students maylink their analysis of a character and draw upon how Orientalism affects the post-colonial world whether drawing upon films, news, or appearances ofOrientalism within their own personal experiences.2.Setting is a very important in Midaq Alley and we can in fact learn alot about this novel?s characters through the attitudes they have aboutliving in Midaq Alley. Please choose at least two characters and comparethe attitudes they have about Midaq Alley. What does this reveal aboutthese characters?3.While setting is very important and in many ways distinct in MidaqAlley, the film Callejon de los Milagros show us how ?midaq alleys? mayexist elsewhere in the world. What characteristics of Midaq Alley may beapplied universally and how is this shown in Callejon de los Milagros?4.Existentialist themes are prevalent in the London-centered texts of Season of Migration to the North and Only in London. Pick a character fromeither text and explain how the individual grapples his or her development through acts of their own will.

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