Essay question 1- In order to understand the problems which sociology tackles, we need to first understand the social context from which it arose. Discuss (check for the help you need) Prep 8 Re-write your essay outline, so that you reduce your outline to 5 numbered ?words or phrases? (ones which clearly identify the major theme of each paragraph). Don?t forget to include the ?essay question? at the top. You can choose either essay question 1 or essay question 2, but your outline must be tailored to the specific essay question that you choose. In order to understand the problems which sociology tackles, we need to first understand the social and intellectual context from which it arose. Discuss (check for the help you need) 1. IntroductionSoci 1001An introduction to the origin of sociology Sociology emerged many years ago; in fact, it was there from the time human being started existing in this universe. Many authors have tried to explain different approaches to understand the social order. Their main aim can only be understood by trying to understand the sociology in broad perspective. Sociology in the modern society has been influenced by many factors in the last few centuries. In the eighteenth century, social paradigm occurred. It was brought by social uprising and social upheavals. These factors lead to the formation of social uproar and influenced the evolution of the social order. Some outstanding instances like the democratic revolution in America of 1776. This led to the new immigration to demand their independence from the Great Britain. The social order here was described as equality centered.The management factors of production like of land and powerThe outdated systems in the eighteenth century were predominant in many societies. This system advocated for inheritance of land. Authority to own lard was vested on the landowners. The lords as the land owners were called distributed work on those lands to laborers .in return the peasant or laborers were given a portion of the harvest for addition they were given bits of land for their own use. Thelaborers worked for generations to generations. The serfs worked I n the lands their ancestors worked since the landowners were supposed to keep laborers. Privatization of these lands by the landowners rendered most serfs redundant as the right to their work land was denied. The few, who remained on those lands, were paid for their labor and they were not accorded the former privileges. Later the feudal system was converted into the modern day capitalism.Emergence of capitalism and its effect on social grouping Industrialization resulted as a result of introduction of capitalism. There was emergence of many landless people who were ready to work for a pay. The enormous workforce precipitated the emergence of towns. The landowners and rich merchants started producing bulk to supply to market places and towns. There were many industries emerging to take the advantage of huge workforce in towns.In the minds of the great thinkers was more than feeding the marketsPhysical science was behind the emergence of capitalism. The physical sciences lead to emergence of industrial humans tried to find and accept truth; they embraced science as the solution to their worries. Later it was widely agreed that science can be studied to understand the under-world.Conclusion on the problems of sociologyThe society is made up of people and hence the solutions to the sociatal problems are the people themselves. Some societal disruptions like the revolts and industrialization should be viewed in either a way to creativity or destruction and both should have equal chances. The radical thinker?s lifestyle should be adopted to enhance growth of humanity to appreciate the contributions of natural talents and self-inclinations in children. This can only be achieved by not programming them but by letting them free. The uprising in French was viewed by the radical thinkers to be caused by the landlessness of the serfs. The radical thinkers saw it as disobedience, immorality and indiscipline. To them, liberty, equality and fraternity should be emphasized as new social order..

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