Ethics Issue 2Prepare a minimu

Ethics Issue 2Prepare a minimum 5 page paper addressing the issues raised in the case study below. Your paper discuss and show mastery of the three theories of ethical thought discussed in class one theory of ethical thought (teleogical, deontological or humanist).Choose a newspaper, journal or web article discussing the facts of a real life business law ethics dilemma. You must attach a copy of the article to your paper. If it is an online article, please print it off and attach to your paper.Scholarly research is not required but will probably be helpful to use scholarly sources to develop and support your ethical analysis.Identify the ethical dilemma and conduct a comprehensive critical thinking analysis of the issue. Your paper should have a coherent statement of the problem and also a clear statement of what you believe to be the best course of action to resolve resolution of the issue. You should evaluate the issue with consideration of the parties that will be effected, differing points of view and implications of possible courses of action or resolution to the problem. You should use the ethical theories to analyze the issue and support or defend your suggested resolution. If you need assistance developing a topic please contact me well in advance of the due date.!

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