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ethicsAnswer the Questions from case study and plz change the topic from ethics to "Case Study 2 ? HR Practices"Marks-5General rules for case study analysis and marking:? The assignment submitted after due date will not be accepted and accredited.? The irrelevant or copied material will be marked as zero.? All assignments must represent your own individual efforts. You are free to discuss your problems with other students, but you are not allowed to claim someone else work as your own. Also, you are ultimately responsible for your own work.? If needed, use references (cite and add to reference list).? Present a summary for the case in no more than two paragraphs followed by answers to questions.Raises or Rebuilding? -A business owner?s dilemmaBusiness is starting to creep upward at some small companies. And employees who have gone without raises or had their salaries cut over the past two years are hoping that more money coming in well will lead to a raise in the near future.But owners who need to rebuild their business may not able to give those raises. They may need to put the revenue toward equipment purchases they?ve had to put off. Or they may need to travel to more trade shows to prospect for new customers.McBride said she gave bonuses rather than raises last year but didn?t cut anyone?s pay or the 401(k) match. And, ?we didn?t let anyone go?.Now, she?s asking, if the company is better off adding a new person who can bring in new business rather than giving out raises.HR professionals say owners need to be sensitive to the fact that employees who have gone without raises are likely to feel some resentment if they see money going toward equipment or a new hire. So before an owner invests thousands of dollars in, say, a new server, he or she needs to let the staff know that raises won?t be forthcoming. And, an owner needs to explain to employees that they stand to ultimately benefit from the purchase.?If they can tie getting the server to increased productivity or ability to serve customers that will result in a higher level of revenue,? employees are likely to accept the boss?s decision, said Rick Gibbs, a senior human resource specialist with Admininstaff, a Houston-based company that provide HR outsourcing.Likewise, a new employee who can bring in more business will help generate income that can fund those raises.Gibbs also suggested telling staffers. ?we need to get additional business before we loosen up the budget on salaries.? In that way, the boss is letting workers know that raises are still a priority, and that as business continue to pick up, they?ll be rewarded.Don Mallo, a vice president at Extensis, a Woodbridge. N.J.-based company that provide HR outsourcing, recommends that owners also explain what other steps the company took before making the wage freeze, for example, what other expenses were cut.Winbush held such a conversation with his staff, inviting everyone over to his house during the holidays.?We talked about the growth of the company and where we needed to go and what steps we needed to take,? he said. ?They didn?t take it lightly, but they understood that it was the responsible business thing to do.?Source: Excerpted from Joyce M. Rosenberg, ?Raises or Rebuilding? A Business Owner?s Dilemma, ?BusinessWeek, February 24, 2010, http://businessweek.comQuestions1. What human resource trends are behind the situation faced by Jill McBride?2. What advice to McBride would you add, beyond the recommendations given in this case?3. Imagine you are a human resource consultant McBride has hired to help her align her HR practices with her growth strategy. Write a proposal of up to three paragraphs, outlining what aspects of human resources you would like to consider as ways to motivate McBride?s employees even as she makes cautious moves toward building her business.!

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