Ethnicity and obesity in the UK

Finance and Accountinganalyze several selected statements found in the paper Ethnicity and obesity in the UKProject description CourseworkInstructions: The coursework consists of two computer exercises, one in Stata and the second one in Excel. You can work on the coursework by yourself or in groups. The group size must not exceed two students. You have to submit three files per group:The first is a pdf file. All your answers must be written up here. Present all your results in a legible and intelligible fashion. Explain what you did in Stata and Excel to obtain your results (copy the commands or use snap shots). The second is a log-file with computations and results. TThe third is an Excel-file with computations and results.You are required to work with the files Coursework_Task1.dta and Coursework_Task2.xlsx uploaded on Moodle. These files contain a sample of the Health Survey for England 2012 (HSE 2012).:

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