EVALUATING EVIDENCE (ILLUSTRATIONS)Look at the pictures of World War I posters on pages 977, 985, and 988. What role did propaganda play in the war? Why was it eventually necessary to ?sell? the war?Look at the picture on pages 978, 981, and 984. How did technology make this war different from its predecessors? Why was it so destructive?Look at the picture of women working on page 984. How did women contribute to the war effort? How does this contribution relate to the concepts of total war and the home front? What would be the status of women after the war?Study the picture of the Indian gun crew on page 986. How much of the world did World War I cover? How and why did the different areas enter the war?Examine the picture of Lenin on page 990. What were the foundations of his philosophy? Could it be argued that Lenin was a child of World War I?Look at the picture of the Paris peace negotiators on page 994. What problems did they face? What were the main flaws in the Treaty of Versailles? Compare it to the Treaty of Brest Litovsk.

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