Everyday At James Hart High

Major Characters: Jacks Hopewell: Jacks was about 17 years old, and was really arrogant. He believed that he was better than anyone in his classes at school. He had short brown hair and green eyes. He was really tall and muscular. Sandra Jackson: Sandra was 16 years old. She was very demure and intelligent. She was quiet and hardly ever spoke to her peers. She had very low self-esteem. Minor Characters: Judith Couly: Judith was a counselor at James Hart High School. She was often there to help Jacks and Sandra. She was short and kind of chubby. Everyone loved her to death because of her outstanding personality. Jaime Dickson: Jaime was Sandras best friend. She was very outgoing, confident and popular. She had been friends for about seven years with Sandra and still was even though they were extreme opposites. Setting: The story took place mainly in the hallways at James Hart High School. Through the story that took place there Sandra and Jacks took their experiences back home with them. The time period when this story takes place is in modern day school, but Im sure that it could extend to the past and even the future. Its really important that I knew the setting of the story because it sets the mood of confusion, fear, and empowerment. These are all the things that Sandra and Jacks dealt with every day with the help of their counselor. Plot Summary: When Jacks and Sandra entered into their sophomore and junior years in high school they did not know each other. Eventually though they became to know what it was like to be the other person. Through these experiences they even became friends. On the first day of school Jacks went and was associating with all of the guys from the football team or other popular figures in the school. Of course their chatting was not without criticism. They decided to pick on every new kid in the school and give them wedges. Their cruel…

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