Evita was a women that people worldwide cherish as the Argentinian sweetheart is a stronger woman than I have ever heard of . From watching her movie, I saw a woman who knew so much and had the will of an army to achieve her goals. She was a leader of the people, the people who lacked the power and authority to speak out for their cause. And she had a love for her nations people, like a mothers undying love for her children. But more than all else, she had a devotion to her beliefs, which showed through her husband, the man she loved. Her message serves so many purposes, but ultimately it was a goodbye to all her loved ones. She wanted to leave them in body only after her death, and never desert them in spirit. And she never will. Her ideals, and the spark she started in her people will always exist. We see all the truths the people against her. We see of politicians and people who claim they work for the good of Argentine. We see her people not to believe their lies, because they only think of themselves, and they do not care about the jealousy of others. Only Pern has the understanding that they need. Even though he has come from military backgrounds, he has broken free of the selfish upper class ways, and has seen what is going on in Argentina. What most people of power try not to see is what is the most important and easy to see problem. The movie also points out that this devotion to the descamisados means much more and suggests Peron is a great man. For Eva, it is easy to rally her beliefs behind thetruth, because she is one of them, and she understands them. So, she puts all her effort to her husband, who she says is truly the stronger leader to overcome his upbringing and see the injustices in the world as they really are. In me, all the love and affection I feel for my people are not important and have no value because I came from the people, I suffered with the people. By contrast, Perns love for the descami…

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